Zimbabweans Unmoved As Prophet Who ‘Prophesied’ AKA’s Death Offers Somizi Prophecy

Zimbabweans Unmoved As Prophet Who ‘Prophesied’ AKA’s Death Offers Somizi Prophecy


South Africa-based Nigerian cleric David Uche has weighed in on the future of Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo.

In a video clip shared by entertainment blogger Zimcelebs, Uche also accurately predicted the death of South African rapper AKA.



The All Eyes On Me rapper was shot and killed on Friday evening in Morningside, Florida Road in Durban in an apparent hit. In the video, David Uche tells his congregants to pray for two South African celebrities.


Somizi Mhlongo (Image: Somizi/Instagram)


The two celebrities are AKA and Somizi Mhlongo. He goes on to mention that South Africa is undergoing a punishment but does not mention why.

David Uche said that a voice told him that animals will roam around the streets of South Africa. He said:

We must pray for His grave is dug, fresh. There’s an attack against him. And the other one is Somizi. I’ve been saying Somzi is on very seriously. South Africa is under doom. There is a punishment they are going through. Lions will be let out walking on the street. On Tuesday, that’s when a voice came to me and said wild beast will be moving around. And when I checked the news I saw that one cheeter was already out. So this is what the kingdom of darkness is planning for the nation. May God deliver the nation. Amen.

After learning of Somizi’s gloomy fate, Zimbabweans on Instagram took to the comments section and expressed their opinion. Below are some of the comments:


The irony is death is the only guaranteed outcome in this life. Why so much hype about death “prophecies”. We all know we are dying it’s just a matter of when and how. Could be tomorrow or the next day.


Most of them cannot help wen it comes to stop anything they would have prophesied about becoz most of our prophets get their information from demons but demons as well do not have the power of stopping things to happen in particular bad things


Whats really the point of the prophecies if we are losing our loved ones ….aren’t they supposed to save us he said we shld pray for AKA but we lost him so where is power of his god there if he prayed about it💔

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