Shawn Johnson and Andrew East Insist Their Marriage Isn’t a Perfect 10

Spoiler alert: The vibes were good.

Four months after the impromptu marathon date, Johnson was relocating to Tennessee, where the married pair of nearly seven years now live with daughter Drew, 3, and son Jett, 18 months. East said he was drawn to her thoughtfulness, her humble nature and the smile that “gets me every time.” For Johnson, it was the fact that she could let her ponytail down, so to speak.

“I was such a perfectionist people-pleaser, I felt like I couldn’t be myself out in the world,” she recalled. “And Andrew was so full of life and couldn’t care less and I felt like I could truly be myself around him.” 

Continued the athlete, “He made me feel like I could be more confident and I loved that. And so many things.”

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