Lorde Offers Music Update, Reflects on Being ‘Underdog’ After Mixed Reactions to ‘Solar Power’

Lorde is working on new music and looking back on her third album Solar Power.

The 26-year-old “Royals” hitmaker dropped Solar Power in 2021, four years after her critically acclaimed sophomore album Melodrama. The response to her last LP was more tepid.

However, she revealed that she is enjoying feeling like an “underdog” while working on her fourth album. When will that come? She offered some insight!

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“Obviously, some people liked it, some people didn’t like it,” Lorde told Ensemble about her last project. “I think the third album is like always a real… you do sort of cross over in a way, you know, you’re not new any more, and also you want maybe different things…I had real things I wanted that I just had to do with that album, and I feel more clear and calm for having done that.”

She continued, noting that things got “too big” after Melodrama, which added pressure.

“It felt like people believed in me too much or something. I was like, I’m 20 or 21, this is my hobby. You know, I felt really spooked by it,” she reflected. “And so to sort of go down this weird road and for people to have absolutely no idea what’s going to come next, that is super cool to me. I’m stoked that I don’t feel pigeonholed at this stage.“

Lorde wants fans to know that new music is in the works.

“It has taken me quite a while [to start working on it]. I mean, I do just take a long time… I do a lot of research, I write a lot down,” she explained of her creative process.

The musician added continued, noting that she does “sort of a big chunk of work before I actually start writing music.”

“It’s been super exciting and I feel excited about what’s coming,” she added.

When is it coming? “You know, it’s my intention, it’s always my intention, to move as quickly as I f…ing can and then that ends up taking different forms. But this one, I really am trying to. I don’t want to wait, you know, so take from that what you will,” she said.

Lorde welcomed another artist onstage for a festival cameo last year. Do you remember who?

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