Kevin Bacon & Daughter Sosie (from ‘Smile’) Star in New Hyundai Commercial for EV Car – Watch Now!

Kevin Bacon and his daughter Sosie Bacon are starring in a new commercial for Hyundai!

The father-daughter duo are promoting the car company’s new IONIQ 6 electric vehicle.

“First came the early EV adopters. Then came everybody else. Now even dads are going electric. When it comes to the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 6, Kevin Bacon is equal parts dad energy and equal parts super fan,” the description of the main ad reads on YouTube.

In the ad, Sosie jokes about her dad not being technologically savvy.

The commercial was just filmed last month and we actually have photos of them together on set.

Sosie is Kevin‘s daughter with wife Kyra Sedgwick and she’s also an actress. She most recently appeared in the hit horror movie Smile and you can also see her in the recent shows Mare of Easttown on HBO and As We See It on Amazon Prime Video.

Keep reading to find out more and to watch the commercial…

Watch another version below!

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