Husband’s family are vile and I can’t face ever spending time with them

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband is the most considerate man I know.

I can’t understand how he can come from the same family as his vile daughters and ex wife.

We are both divorced (him twice), and married eight years ago. I’m 54 and he’s 58.

He had three daughters with his second wife and still sees the daughters regularly.

His youngest child is the rudest.

The first time she met me, as soon as he left the room, she said: “You won’t last. You’re not his type.”

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She also told me I look older than him and don’t have as much style as her mum.

At a recent family wedding his ex approached me and said she’d give us another six months.

Now, whenever one of his children visits, I make sure I go out shopping for the day. I can’t face seeing them.

He’s always trying to convince me to stay and see them, but I’m not up to it.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your husband may have got used to the way his family behaves but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

Explain clearly that you understand he wants them in his life, but while they treat you so badly, you won’t be entertaining them.

I’m sending you my support pack Standing Up For Yourself which will help explain clearly where your boundaries lie.

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