How “Motherf–king Princesss” Avril Lavigne Saved Mod Sun’s Life

In addition to their future children, Mod Sun, whose God Saves the Teen tour kicks off on Feb. 19, is looking forward to the couple’s impending wedding, though he admitted he thinks “it’s beautiful to let the engagement last, so we’re still living in that moment.”

But when it comes time to plan the ceremony, Mod Sun is “definitely going to be involved” in the decision-making process, he vowed, as he and Avril “are very similar in the way we love to curate things.” Still, he made it clear who the day will be about. 

“She’s a princess, she really is,” he gushed. Referencing her famed song, he added, “She’s a motherf–king princess. That’s real shit, so we’re going to have we’re going to have a very special wedding. I can’t wait for that time to come.”

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