Drake & Adonis Join Caleb Pressley’s ‘Sundae Conversation’

Drake & Adonis Source: Cole Burston / Getty

Drake rarely does interviews but Barstool’s Caleb Pressley gets Drizzy & his Adonis for a ‘Sundae Conversation’.

When you’re the biggest artist in the game like Drake interviews become something you just don’t have the time or bandwidth for anymore. The last Drake sit-down interview most people remember is a Christmas day interview with Rap Radar from a few years ago.

Drake & His Son Adonis Stop By Caleb Pressley’s ‘Sundae Conversation’

Barstool sports and Caleb Pressley’s Sundae Conversations have become an instant viral hit. It’s a hilarious platform that doesn’t take itself too seriously or engage in gossip. Which makes getting talent way easier and has more people open to stopping by. For Super Bowl weekend Drake and his son Adonis dropped by for one entertaining interview. Adonis and Caleb share a funny moment joking about Drake and fatherhood.

“Do you think if he did a better job with you at home that you’d be able to read?” Pressley jokingly asks Adonis.“Yeah,” Adonis casually replies, before giving Drake props for his sense of humor. “[He’s] a funny dad,” Adonis reveals, “does a lot of funny jokes.”

Drake then took over the interview and Caleb asked Drake if Adonis ever “c*ckblocks” him to protect his inheritance. Drake responded and also spoke about fatherhood.

“No, no, not really,” Drizzy stated revealing his relationship with Adonis is positive vibes only. Caleb then asks frequent gambler Drake what is “the best thing to bet on.”

“Fatherhood,” Drake shared. “I just mean, in an encouraging way, like, ‘You can always bet on fatherhood,” he added as Pressley struggled to hold in his laughter.

You can watch the full interview below.

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