Channing Tatum Reveals How ‘Queen’ Salma Hayek ‘Saved’ ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’

Channing Tatum credits Salma Hayek as both a queen and the savior of Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

The duo co-star alongside each other in the newly released movie, which serves as a conclusion to the Magic Mike franchise about male strippers.

They opened up about working together and the effect Salma had on the movie in a new interview.

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During an interview with ET, Channing opened up about a moment where he “saved the queen” while they were rehearsing a riskier dance routine.

While he might have saved her there, he made it clear that Salma brought so much to the movie when she signed on.

“I just really wanted the strongest possible [woman] and she came in [and] actually controlled the whole thing,” Channing recalled. “She came and saved our movie because we had a bunch of men that were trying to tell a story about a woman.”

Salma chimed in to reveal what the experience was like for her.

“Oh yeah, I went in and, you know what, [it was the] first time I feel like I was really heard, respected and invited,” she shared. “It was actually very interesting because we would get together and have many very different opinions. It was very interesting to see three different men have such different perspectives. [Although] sometimes they seem like the perspectives of Martians.”

The duo have also referred to each other as “besties.”

Get a sense of Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek’s chemistry and see how the latter saved the movie by checking them out in the trailer below…

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