Betrayed With A Hug?: CCTV Footage Showing AKA Hugging A Friend Moments Before He Was Shot Dead Raises Suspicion 

Betrayed With A Hug?: CCTV Footage Showing AKA Hugging A Friend Moments Before He Was Shot Dead Raises Suspicion 

He was betrayed with a hug just like how Jesus was betrayed with a kiss by Judas Iscariot that is the general consensus on social media after the CCTV footage showing the moment South African rapper AKA was gunned down on Friday night emerged.

The CCTV footage showing the moment AKA was shot dead has reignited the mystery surrounding his death.

 In the leaked CCTV footage which has since gone viral, AKA can be seen stepping outside of the restaurant with a group of “friends.”

Whilst outside AKA can be seen hugging one of his friends as he bids them farewell. They embrace tightly for a very long time.

The moment AKA ended the hug and was about to bid farewell to another friend that is the moment the armed assailant emerged and shot AKA in the head.

CCTV showing the moment AKA was shot dead raises suspicion (Image Credit: @akaworldwide)

There is no doubt AKA was a hugger. Most of the pictures trending on social media show him in a happy mood, hugging or showing love to family, friends and fans.

He loved loudly and proudly…..

AKA betrayed by a hug?[Image: Instagram/@akaworldwide/@tkmogotsi]

The hug which has since been dubbed “AKA last hug” has raised sparked controversy in his murder mystery.

After watching the video, social media are now convinced that AKA death was no ordinary death but was a well ocastastrated hit on him.

Tweeps have concurred that that hug cost AKA his life and the person who was hugging AKA betrayed him and sold him with a hug.

Check out some of the reactions;


That hug was so long and suspicious.
Why did the guy that hugged him turned AKA’s back to the guy who shot him? Why did he first looked up when the hitman was approaching? He kept on distracting AKA even when he was done with him. That guy who hugged AKA knows something 🤞🏿


Complete CCTV footage of AKA’s death. The master planner has been with him inside all the while. AKA was betrayed with a hug.


Watching this closely and the guy who hugged AKA is a suspect, this was supposed to be a cool hug but nigga turned AKA from his guards and position him towards the person who pulled the trigger.


Kernian was sold the way Jesus was sold. With a hug. Why did that guy make him face the back where the direction of the gunman came from? #CCTV showed it so clearly. AKA nkosyami


the  person hugging AKA must answer, check how he twisted him after a hug and he released him when the hit man is closer as if he knew something.

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